How It Works

Seamlessly upgrade your HR practice overnight

Step 1

Simply, the manager logs in an employee’s contractual details. The employee will then receive a notification to activate the account.


Step 2

Once that initial, simple stage is completed, the employee officially becomes a member of 1Clique.  Both management and employee will from that point have access to 1Clique’s full list of features from anywhere in the world, at any time. Whether on desktop, laptop, tablet or, crucially in today’s business environment, on mobile smartphones.


Step 3

Contracts can be created and updated in minutes. Calculation of End of Service Benefit payments as per local labor laws, previously a long-winded process, can now be competed in seconds thanks to 1Clique’s cutting edge of technology algorithms. Leave requests can be logged by employees and approved by managers from anywhere and any device in just a few seconds.


Whether you’re an employer or employee, 1Clique will facilitate previously laborious HR tasks by eliminating bureaucracy, paperwork and countless hours filing and refiling information.

And remember, less time, less resources, less cost…..but more efficiency.

Discover the features that make 1clique unique:

HR Expertise

Built by HR Experts with local knowledge and compliance in mind, 1Clique delivers unparalleled HR functions.


No HR professional involvement is required. It is user friendly that no training is required.

HR Digitization

The speed of System adoption and integration is second to none.